USA is the land of opportunities and if you think you are someone who is different or want your studies to be more in depth and practical, than USA is the right place to pursue your successful academic career and achieve the international exposure.

USA possesses thousands of universities and colleges which have vast range of subject to choose, no matter what you dream to become USA will be your correct choice. It is geographically very big and has a very strong economic background, after successful completion of the studies out there you can choose your path in the same career; moreover we can say USA is the land of dreams.

USA is a multi cultural country, however it has grown a culture of it own. Apple pie, baseball, and the American flag form the integral part of culture of USA. It has been the home to a lot of Asians too and they have introduced Asian culture, religion, dress and food to USA, so Nepali student can do lot more out there and also feel like home at the same time.


Each year, thousands of international students come to study in the UK because studying for UK qualification is a sound, long term investment and there is a great value in living and studying here. UK also possess huge variety of courses that you can choose for your career.

UK offers a great range of places to live and a wide selection of life style for students to enjoy. UK also has an extraordinary rich and diverse artistic heritage enjoyed and admired all over the world. Moreover an enthusiastic student can perceive and learn many things that will be important in their career pursuit.


It is a developed country that ranks highly in international comparisons on human development, quality of life, literacy, protection of civil liberties and political rights and its cities also consistently rank among the world's livable.

It has an international reputation as a provider of quality education and also offers a safe learning environment with excellent study opportunities, Agriculture, landscaping, travel and tourism business computing and technology are famous courses in New Zealand. International student can adapt here easily because English is day to day language in New Zealand and its accent is easy to understand. Moreover it enjoys temperature which is moderate by the seas surrounding. This results in mild summer and cool winters and also its very clean, green and safe country and in anyway suitable for international students.


It is a very beautiful place and the best places in the world to live while you learn. The standards of living is amongst the highest in the world, yet remains competitive.

On your breaks from study you will have a wide choice of activities to enrich your experience from cultural festivals, concerts and museum to major sporting events..

Most international students find the Australia teaching style to be quite different to what they are used to. Here they focus on practical learning that encourages creative, independent thought and debate. Australia has the oldest living culture which goes back 50,000 year and still is kept alive by indigenous communities.


German universities are autonomous and provide special emphasis on research and teaching. Some of the ground breaking discoveries that the world has seen has been the result of German universities.

This is one of the strongest reasons that students increasingly prefer Germany for research studies. It also offers courses in medicine law, and other various discipline, furthermore all german universities have a foreign student office that looks after the foreign student and applicant. Many universities in German professional career.

Germany officially the federal republic of Germany is a country in central Europe and bordered to many other countries like Poland, Czech Republic, to the south by Austria and Switzerland. It is a place of remarkable beauty and stunning splendor. Moreover this country has been long associated with learning as the oldest universities in germany founded in Heidelberg in 1386.


Irish government offers program right from the certificate level to doctoral level, and is almost all fields of study. Engineer and technology are two areas which are quite popular among international students. One surprising fact is that Ireland is touted to be the largest exporter of it software, worldwide.

There is close association between universities and industries in Ireland, which translates into internship and employment for the students after completion of their education in Ireland. If proficiency in English is not good some universities do insist on having scores either from ielts or toefl, scores demand can differ according to the course and level of the studies.

More attractive to students is the visa which is easy to obtain than any other country and other fact that the country is also trying because population is not growing much and they would have a very low level of growth in further education in term of number.