If you want to study abroad, the USA is the best place to learn and earn your degree. The United States is one of the most famous study abroad destinations for Nepalese students. You will get all the facilities you need in a well-developed country where the world’s top universities are.

As an international student, studying in the United States is an exciting opportunity for you and a great experience. Studying abroad provides you with new experiences and a chance to discover a new culture, but it also offers you a chance to see the world and experience a new lifestyle.

Students from Nepal come to study in the USA every year. In recent years, the number of students who want to study in the USA has increased rapidly.

So, how can you study in the USA from Nepal?

Education System

The US higher education system ranks as one of the top four systems globally. Students enjoy flexible study options at over 4,000 schools across the country. Globally, the US Degrees are recognized.

The United States’ higher education system is one of the best quality with flexibility.

International students can enroll in different academic programs to pursue either a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

You can choose between two-year associate degrees, four-year bachelor’s degrees, and master’s degrees. In addition, there are many programs available for undergraduate studies and graduate levels.

Undergraduate Students

Generally, Nepalese students enrol in undergraduate courses after completing their 12th grade. Completing your undergraduate and earning a bachelor’s degree takes four academic years. After that, students can enrol in either community colleges or Universities of their choice.

Graduate Students

After completing four years of a bachelor’s degree, you can enrol in a graduate program. The program leads to a Masters’s degree. Graduate Students study for a Master’s Degree for 1-2years. However, Some universities offer fast-track 1-year master’s degree on elective courses, which further leads to (Doctoral) PhD. Programs.

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    Cost of studying in the USA

    The cost of studying differs between public universities and private universities in the USA. Apart from educational expenses, students need to be financially sound to cover their living costs in the USA as international students.

    Tuition costs, as well as accommodation costs, are higher for international students compared to the US nationals. In average international students spend $20,000 – $40,000 per year for undergraduate courses.

    Likewise, Graduate students spend around $20,000 – $40,000 per year.

    However, with a scholarship on hand, you reduce the expenditure on tuition fees. Our dedicated team of counsellors will help you throughout the process of applying for scholarships.


    US universities and colleges offer a scholarship for international students.

    Usually, international students who prove themselves competitive in academic scores, sports, or leadership get a scholarship. Evaluation of competency is through the academic score and standardized test scores such as SAT, GRE, and GMAT.

    The educational institutions set the minimum score requirement. Therefore, the requirement differs between the types of institutions.

    Students seeking undergraduate-level admissions appear for SAT exams, while Graduate applicants opt for GRE and GMAT based on study programs.

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      Academic Requirement

      For a full-time study program, international students need to prove their competency in the English Language. The entry requirements are set by educational providers, which might differ between Undergraduate Degree and Graduate Admissions requirements.

      Likewise, some universities ask for additional Standardized test scores to assess students’ competency. To enrol in an undergraduate degree, students from Nepal need to complete at least grade 12 or an A level.

      Visa requirements

      For a student Visa Application, you need to understand the visa category you are applying for. There are two types of student visa categories (F and M). Students need to apply under a specified visa category to start the visa process for a student visa to the USA from Nepal.

      Alongside preparing the required academic documents, students must schedule an appointment beforehand for a visa interview. Students need to pay the visa application fee and register for a suitable date to schedule a visa interview.

      For Undergraduate education or Graduate Education, students apply under the F-1 Visa program. You also apply for an f-1 student visa if your course lasts for 18 hours or more for a week.

      You cannot apply for a visa without being accepted into any university or college. The acceptance to enrollment is made when you receive an I-20 from universities for admissions.

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